Now Pouring

For all those times when you were elbows deep in hot wings and ranch dip and the hot sauce somehow managed to splatter right past your bib onto your brand new “I look so good in this” shirt. It’s to the times you called your closest friend up last minute to indulge in a glorious icy pint that was so cold you were afraid of getting your tongue stuck to the side of the glass, but never so afraid that it slowed you down from finding out.  It’s a toast to the time when you celebrated another birthday and your pals got you that perfect shot from the bartender; a shot that miraculously brought you to your knees, and lifted you up at the same time! Or to the time you joined us at Happy Hour grumpy and left us beaming as the lights went out. It’s a toast to sharing laughs both at your own expense and at your friends, at the place that loves to make it all happen. It’s a toast to the old memories, and to making new ones. 

Join us for a pint and flip through our menu at our brand new locations, as South Surrey and Royal Oak are now pouring and ready to create new memories!