Aug 23


It can get pretty wild out there; it's a world filled with errant tee shots, parking tickets, mosquito bites, traffic jams, and roaming charges. Times can be tougher than Mike Tyson and just a smidge confusing, like puberty. You work hard for your keep and certainly hunt for memorable places to clink pint glasses with your best pals. Well it's time you flip-the-bird to life's minor inconveniences and reward...

Aug 02

Who said that facelifts were only for washed up Hollywood starlets and Bruce Jenner?  As much as we love our old comfortable sneakers, smell or no smell, there always comes a time when the soles wear out and we have to sadly upgrade to a new pair that will guide us down the shoelace express, blister free.  The same came to be true of our website (sans the blister of course).

Although she ran seamlessly and took us to places where the beer pours smooth and the food fills every craving, we had to bid adieu.  With that, we are very excited to welcome our newest darling to the Ceili’s...


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It's damn hot out, Come quench your thirst Ceilis Irish Pub Tonight with a little Pong action, $4 Pints and $4 Tequilia. Because "If You Can You Should!"

Come cure your Friday #hangover with a bacon grilled cheese with hand cut fries! #CeilisNation

My husband and I came here while in the neighborhood and looking for a pub to have supper at - and we're so glad we stopped by!...